Grands Espaces Safaris


About Us

Grands Espaces is a Kenyan tour operator specialising in wildlife safaris and cultural tours in east africa.

We are wildlife enthusiasts and passionate about the culture of the people of east africa, the Craddle of Mankind.

The grand espace field guides team is made up of individuals with undisputed knowledge of the east African fauna and flora. We are pleased to share the knowledge of our heritage with you.

Our visits and tours takes you to historical sites and marine parks along the coast to the great wildlife conservation areas in the hinterlands,where you come face to face with the African elephants, Lion the king of the jungle and many more.
Sharing our heritage full diversity is our calling.

Founder profile.

My names are Elius Kilugha. An independent professional safari guide in Eastern Africa notably Kenya and Tanzania.
Born and raised in the countryside adjacent to the greater Tsavo national park, the largest wildlife conservation area in Kenya, i'm passionate about nature.


African wildlife (fauna and flora) and the culture of the people of Eastern Africa.



Kiswahili - mother tongue
English - official (proficiency)
French - foreign, Proficiciency (diplôme approfondie de langue français. Alliance française,Paris
German-foreign, fluent (Zertifikat Deutsch, Goethe Institut. Nairobi.

Work Experience.

15 years as a tour leader and guide.